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Jan 14, 2023

Is Danish language hard to learn?

73% of internationals in Denmark believe that learning Danish is a huge barrier to overcome.

In some lists, the Danish language ranks third as the hardest language in the world.

To be exact, Chinese, Hungarian, Icelanders, Russians, Ukrainians, Vietnamese, Americans, Spanish, and French people face the most difficulty when trying to learn the Danish language.

I, as an Estonian, have not really felt that way, I just kept practicing until I felt fully comfortable communicating in Danish. My teenage daughter is taking 30-day challenges to jump from 0 to A2, from there to B2, and so on. So inspiring to watch!

Learning new languages opens millions of new doors to everyone, and doing business gets so much easier.

I am not saying that every exporter should learn the language of every target country, but well, the basics really won’t hurt.

If you do it for a two-week trip to France or Japan to get buy a bit easier, then why not for business relationships that may last for years?

*Hint: once you know the basics of the Danish language, you’ll be able to pick up important phrases in Swedish and Norwegian in no time 😉

Jan 13, 2023

7 mistakes in localization for your go-to-market strategy

7 mistakes in localization for your go-to-market strategy.
How many of these mistakes have you made:

1. Assuming everyone speaks English everywhere you go. In Denmark, most people speak good English, but not everyone wants to do business in a foreign language.

2. Keeping the same pictures in every market. An example: interior preferences in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, and Finland are more different than you think.

3. Not analyzing the local market trends.

4. Because of this distinction, forgetting cultural differences.

5. Translating but not localizing. There is a massive difference between translating the text, localizing the text, and versioning the text.

6. Not adapting to the local humor of the target location.

7. Using the wrong media channels. Think twice about pushing Twitter in Nordic countries.

What have I missed?

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