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Export Localization Workshops & Consultations


I Help Your Business  To Find Your First Partners In The Nordic Markets: 

Denmark, Sweden, Norway, And Finland

Export localization is not ONLY about translations – it is about adjusting every detail of your business for the needs and expectations of the new market, and the people living there

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Localization & Export Blog

Localization is about understanding how buyers behave in different markets and ensuring all your marketing activities and channels reflect that. 

  • Market understanding: 
    • You need to have a good understanding of what marketing activities and channels could work in the market. Your current marketing activities will not work in exactly the same way across your markets.
    • You need to have someone who knows how the target audience behaves in that market. 
  • Language skills: 
    • What’s the level of written proficiency you’re looking for? A native-level writer responsible for translating content, or translations through outsourcing? 
  • Go-to-market timeline: 
    • Hire someone with previous experience in your target market.

What is business localization?

Business localization, also known as localization, is the process of adapting a product or service to meet the language, cultural, legal, and technical requirements of a specific country or region. 

The purpose of localization is to ensure that the product or service is culturally appropriate and meets the needs and preferences of local customers. 

Localisation can involve translating content, adapting marketing materials, redesigning user interfaces, and making changes to comply with local laws and regulations.

In addition to language and cultural differences, businesses must also consider legal and technical requirements when localizing their products or services. For example, they may need to comply with local product safety regulations or adapt their products to work with different electrical systems.


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