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Localization Consultations

→  Nordic SEO Strategy Consulting: 

Offering recommendations on enhancing website and content performance in search engines to improve visibility and drive organic traffic in the Nordic region.

→  E-commerce Expansion Strategy Advisory: 

Guiding you through best practices for entering and growing in the Nordic e-commerce market, by sharing strategic advice and insights.

→  Nordic Visual Branding Consultation:

I advise you how to develop culturally appropriate visual branding strategies that appeal to Nordic consumers.

→  Cultural Consultancy and Business Etiquette Advising:

Providing expert advice on navigating the cultural nuances and business etiquette in Nordic countries, so you can build strong relationships and avoid potential pitfalls.



Localization services and fees

Consultation: 249€/h

SEO audit and optimizing: To be agreed on.

90 min workshop online: 179€/participant (min 4 participants)

Website analysis: 449€

Product presentation analysis: 249€

VAT will be added if applicable. Localize Nordic is based in Denmark and follows Danish tax regulations.

Localization Consultations

I would like to express my gratitude to Victoria for her invaluable help in exploring the benefits of the business location service in Denmark.

Her expert guidance and knowledge of the Danish business environment helped me to better understand the many advantages of using this service, including access to a favorable business climate, a well-educated workforce, strategic location, and business support services.

Thanks to her insights, I now have a better idea of the potential benefits of expanding my business to Denmark.

I feel much more confident in making an informed decision about whether to use this service, and I owe much of that to Victoria’s expertise.

Thank you again for your time and guidance. I appreciate your help!

What kind of businesses need localization consultations?

Your business is looking to expand your products or services into new regions or countries and require expertise in local market research, cultural adaptation, language translation, and marketing strategy.
  • Businesses of all sizes and industries, including e-commerce, technology, manufacturing, healthcare, hospitality, and more.
  • You may be seeking to enter a new market or improve their existing localization efforts.
  • Ultimately, any business that wants to effectively connect with customers in a new region and build a successful local presence could benefit from localization consultations.