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About Localize Nordic

Localize Nordic is a business localization services company, offering localizing services for businesses looking to do business in Denmark, Norway, Sweden, Finland, and Estonia. Founded by Victoria Silber, Localize Nordic offers the expertise and knowledge needed to help your business succeed in these markets. We have the local know-how and understand the importance of localization when entering new markets, and we are dedicated to providing you with quality service that will help your business grow.

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History of Company

Localize Nordic was born as a result of several coincidences. While commuting between Estonia, Norway, and Denmark for more than 20 years, and gaining experience both as an employee and entrepreneur in each of these countries, it was clear how much there was need for the know-how of each market in the rest of the world. It didn’t matter if it was an already global corporation just settling in or a start-up with high ambitions internationally – there is always a shortage of export and business localization experts who speak Scandinavian languages, and have both local and foreign point of views.

This is why and how our company was started, helping businesses gain a foothold in the Nordic countries.

Victoria Silber, the Founder

 – 12 years of marketing experience in the Baltics and Nordics

– I have studied and worked over 10 years in Denmark, 3,5 years in Norway, 1 year in Sweden

– I communicate with speakers of 6 languages, and several others at the beginner-medium level.


As an independent entrepreneur and freelancer for over 12 years, my expertise lies in digital marketing, SEO, e-commerce, and visual branding and the psychology behind it. I have a long-term experience in digital marketing and creative business.

Victoria Silber - founder of Localize Nordic

As a localizing expert in the Nordics, I am an experienced independent entrepreneur with over 12 years of expertise in digital marketing, SEO, e-commerce, and visual branding. My knowledge and skills are focused on adapting marketing strategies for the Nordic market, taking into account the unique cultural, linguistic, and social nuances of the region.

With my extensive experience in digital marketing and creative business, I have developed a deep understanding of the psychology behind branding and design. This knowledge enables me to create visually appealing and engaging content that effectively drives traffic and sales.

I offer personalized services that are tailored to my clients’ specific needs and goals. I work closely with your clients to understand their target audience and business objectives, and then develop customized strategies that will resonate with Nordic consumers.

My ability to adapt marketing strategies to the local culture and languages in the Nordics helps businesses establish a strong brand presence and connect with customers in a meaningful way.